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The BSV Editor

Bitcoin is one of the most exciting innovations ever conceived.

New versions of software are being developed that will support millions of transactions per second. In the not-too-distant future, it will become common practice for users to seemlessly pay for their purchases on the high street with coins safely accessed from their phones.

Bitcoin has the power to revolutionise every aspect of our lives.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts allow bitcoin transaction to interact intelligently with their environment. For example, a smart contract could allow a payment to be returned to a user if some external condition was not met. The BSV editor is intended to help those implementing smart contracts.


Following the maxim "release early, release often", the BSV editor is early "alpha-release" software. I.e. you can expect the software to have bugs.

The software is free for use by individuals for non-commercial purposes. For any other purpose, a licence must be purchased. Contact

I am not a consultancy and would like to make some money from the enterprise. The software is not open-source for the same reason. Please feel free to support this project by donating bitcoins.

The software runs natively on Windows. It also runs on Linux with Wine.


BSV Editor is under continuous development. Ventimore is always after feedback. Please report bugs and enhancement requests to (

Other Coins

This tool can be used with some BTC (scripts) and BCH-ABC however it only supports the BSV op-codes.


To download, click here.


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